Daintree Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife Rescue, North Queensland, Daintree

Daintree Wildlife Rescue Inc. (IA 31890)

Committed to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of Native Fauna in the area of North Queensland, Australia roughly bounded by the Mowbray River (South of Port Douglas), Jullatten/Mount Molloy (West of Mossman) and Cape Tribulation (North of the Daintree River)


Contact us:

by phone on:

(+61) 7 40907284
or email at:
Alternatively we can be contacted by regular mail at
748 Cape Tribulation Road, Kimberley, Qld 4873

An update (26 December 2014)

Have asked a mate to help with upkeep of the site - hopefully he will/can help

We do have a self contained cabin for any volunteers wanting to help us look after the in-house animals. You MUST be Lyssavirus vaccinated though

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