Daintree Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife Rescue, North Queensland, Daintree

Daintree Wildlife Rescue was started in the 1990's by Alex Reitmeyer to rescue and care for native animals injured in the Daintree Rainforest region.

In the mid-2000's the association fell into apathy and in June 2008 a concerned group, with Alex's encouragement revived the committee and the Association.

The new committee was elected:

President: Tony Young, with some seven years experience with wildlife care, especially with Fruit Bats (Flying Foxes) and micro-bats

Secretary: Lynne Swift, a Queensland Health employee with a deep regard for native wildlife

Treasurer: Bruce Alllen, a resident of Port Douglas and owner of Wren Timbers in Cairns

Vice-President: Brigitta Flick, Director of the Australian Tropical Research Centre and co-founder of The Bat House in Cape Tribulation


Due to financial and legal complications it has taken some time to get the Association re-established but at the time of writing (January 2010) we think we are getting back into business. If any past members or new members wish to sign back up with us, please contact Tony on 40907284 or email to daintreewr@gmail.com

2012 and we are well back in business, the committee remains the same but membership is expanding.

Bad News: The group has all but vanished, and has become a loose knit group of carers doing our best under the circumstances. We have independent mammal, bird and reptile carers. The committee stays the same, but it is hard - especially with current public and government views being very much against our environment. (Dec 2014)